Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just my thoughts

Again, notice the countdown to the right ---->

Yikes!! 10 days until graduation!! It's exciting with a bitter aftertaste. We're excited for the next adventure to begin and sad to leave the one we've been living. Our house is void of anything that will re-inhabit in California. Everything that is left is for the taking. Does anyone need any furniture?

Our possessions arrived at Papa's on Saturday. If possession is 9/10ths the law what is it when 9.99/10ths of your possessions are somewhere. Are we officially Californians now?

2.5 days of work left!! Everything I'm wearing this week and be washed and packed away until at least sometime after mid-June! That's a pretty good feeling.

Our house is officially off the market. We're were hoping it would sell but are okay that it didn't. The house across the street (comparable to ours) has been on the market a good 6-9+ months longer, they have dropped the price $10K and it still hasn't sold. Basically, there wasn't a lot we could have done to change the outcome.

We've met with the property manager and will meet with him again today. Know anyone looking for a house to rent?

Noah's last day of school is Friday, I'm sad for him. He really loves Tiny Turtles and I know he will miss them. They've told us several times how much they will miss him.

DH's last day of Wally-World is the 12th! He has a few days off between then...I guess he has about 7 days left.

Family starts arriving on the 12th!! Looking forward to seeing everyone one.

That's about it for now.


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Hillary said...

Ditto McAtee's "sigh."
And add a "harumph."

Anonymous said...

will miss you guys but know you are going for a better life. We hope for the best for you all.

Love Michelle