Monday, June 21, 2010


We can't believe how fast time is passing. At the same time we can't believe how much will change in the next four months. Our little guy will be 1 year in just four month!! WOW!

As you can see little guy has 4 teeth.
He's got a couple little sprouts -
my guess is he'll have another one or two in the next month.

I just had to put this shot in 'cause I managed to capture the picture with his mouth full of
spit-up and then catch it in my hand before any damage was done.
Now, that's cat-like-reflexes if I do say so myself!

Noah is all giggles and smiles!
My approximate dimensions:

21.5 pounds

29.5 inches long

Still not a ton of hair - still not sure what color it will be...

Noah loves to be left to himself (closely supervised of course). He can roll faster than a bowling ball. Noah gets where he's going by rolling and that's it (for now). If he misses his target he rolls to his back and then pushes with his feet to scoot to his target, he fairly accurate with this method. It's very amusing and explains why he's still missing some hair on the back of his head.

He's just started pushing up on his hands and knees and rocking. It shouldn't be long until he's off and crawling. With support he can hold himself on objects or our hands for several minutes. Walking isn't far behind.

Noah loves, love, loves spending time with his cousins!
And chewing on EVERYTHING!
I really think they love spending time with him too!

Noah is doing great in his new school. Karen his teacher is just the sweetest!

You may be asking why Noah doesn't have on one of his numbered onsies on. Well, all I can say to that is, I'm not as good of a planner and organizer as I had thought. I'm not sure where the numbers are. I thought I left them out (not packed in the garage) however, I can't find them. Why not go buy more? I live in Fort Bragg!

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Hillary said...

OMIGOD! He's getting so big and he looks so different. (Wiping tear away from eye...) MISS YOU GUYS.
Happy 8 months, little man!