Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sorry I've been so bad about posting...few posts means more pictures less frequently.

Walker graduated Preschool!! Off to kindergarten! If we did our math correctly, Walker will graduate HS in 2023!

Noah enjoying the festivities.

Walker wants to be a Logger when he grows up.
There's a logging company in town who has a 49er truck...
The graduate!
The proud family.
Walker showing Uncle Mike his diploma.

Doesn't he look proud?!?!
We had a little celebratory lunch in the harbor. The bad parents we are, we forgot sunscreen and a hat. Fortunately G'pa S. had a dew-rag.
Walker Joe Joe.

For those followers who haven't been to FB, this is the Noyo Bridge - it must be crossed to enter downtown Fort Bragg. It was a beautiful day, I'm a little bummed you can't see the ocean in this shot.

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Anonymous said...'re back!~ i've missed your posts...sounds like you're keeping busy and i'm so jealous of your sun! (Montana is now eternal monsoon)Miss ya!