Monday, July 5, 2010

Noah's First Parade

Sadly the Mendocino 4th of July Parade was a little disappointing this year. This particular parade held in the Village of Mendocino, is typically fairly political, radical, bizarre, not your "standard" 4th of July-go-America-type. For instance in previous years there have been "floats" so to speak...Boobs Not Bombs...women marching topless. You get the drift? This year...Books Not Bombs...people hold books. BORING!

We were able to chuckle a few times.

This is the view heading down to the village from the little hill where the church we were married in sits. Before the parade.

Noah got a little fussy - not enough sleep. Aunt Janice was making it all better.

Salmon! One of the only actual float type entries.

The guys.

The same view as above, after the parade. Crazy! Surprised we didn't break off into the ocean.

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