Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Yes, I know, it's nearly Friday. That's just how it is these days.

This week we had Sunday dinner at the beach. I say at the beach instead of on the beach because we weren't technically ON the beach. Because of Papa's knees we BBQ'd in the parking lot at the picnic tables. Just as beautiful with none of the sand.

I realize for most Sunday dinner doesn't warrant this many pictures...I just can help myself!

Noah is loving the coastal life!

Nancy has never taken the boardwalk, she's lived here 6+ year and this was her first time.

Doesn't this almost look like a fake backdrop? I don't if its the lighting or what?
Walker, Nancy, Mason & Travis
It was a GLORIOUS evening.

The boardwalk ends where the Sea Lions slumber
Just a pretty picture!

Noah loving it!

The food was pretty great too!

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Anonymous said...

Noah just seems like he loves it there. He is getting so big with all those teeth showing. Thanks for all the pictures!!!

Love Michelle