Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Costa Rica Critters

I do love a good bug and Costa Rica has a lot to offer. One of our traveling companions is a professional quality photographer, I hope she shares her pictures with me so I can then share them with you...she go some great critter shots.

I killed what seemed like a million millipedes
Countless cockroaches
The boys caught and froze everything they could...wish I got a picture of that for you

Here are a few-

Now this, I don't know what to say about it. Some were under the impression it was a worm/slug of some sort. If you ask me, this is a poop and pee pile left on our doorstep by some unknown mammal.

Some shots, like the following few are from a Reptile Exhibit we visited

Dogs everywhere!!

Wild at the Manuel Antonio National Park

There's not trick photography here -

these little guys were this close!

Sloth in the wild!!

Poor little tailless Iguana visitor at the beach

That is my Dear Husbands hand...

I really loved the spiders!

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Hillary said...

OK - really? You really loved the spiders??? And bugs???
I was a hot mess the whole time I was in CR - bugs and I are not friends. Actually, they think we're friends. They're just not listening to me, apparently! :)