Thursday, March 29, 2012


Many have asked so here's a little update on all of us and our processes -

Noah: Adorable, charming, so smart and so stubborn!
Mike: Running (training for an Ultra), phenomenal pharmacist, adorable, charming and so smart
Jennifer: Looking forward to painting and decorating - I just need more time!

House: Upstairs could be finished if we just had the time. I took a few hours and primed the smallest wall and have nailed down out colors (I hope). The next few weeks I will focus on getting it done, I hope to be moved up there by 4/15....

We've been getting dumped on for what seems like weeks so any hopes of working on our yard, deck or anything else has been put on hold.

Adoption #2: We have been licensed for Foster for a couple months now, we have been called a few times but nothing has worked out. We're not looking to "foster" in the traditional sense but have to be licensed to take an adoptive placement. We have an approved home study through State Adoptions and are in the mix of waiting families...wait and wait and wait. I get to make a photo album like we did for CSSM so I'm pretty excited about that. So really we're just waiting.

That's about it.

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