Monday, October 26, 2009

The day of Noah

The plan was for BM to be induced, we were going to get a call when things started moving. During an early morning examination it was determined Noah had turned sideways (again) and his placenta was below him. We got a call around 7:30 AM from BM letting us know she would be having the c-section around 9 and wanted to see us before going in.

We rushed to get there as quickly as possible, thank goodness we did! They got thing going early. We didn't have much time to visit but long enough for well wishes, hugs and even a few tears. SW was there every minute of the way.

DH, SW and I were anxiously waiting. Sitting in silence more than anything. Thank goodness for SW - She thought we should go check the nursery window. When we did....

Shortly after 9:03 AM

Birth Grandmother giving us weight 8lbs. 6.5 oz


Getting a little oxygen

I want to say we were in front of the nursery window a good 45 minutes just watching and praying, unable to take our eyes off him.

We were able to immediately visit as soon as BM and Noah made it to their room.

BM giving Noah his first feeding

Proud Papa's first hold

Proud Mama's first hold

We were all so happy and blessed Noah was as healthy as could be. I'm not going to lie and say we weren't filled with even more fear. There we were loving this little guy not knowing if we will be able to love him as mom & dad forever.

All part of the journey:

For those who don't know, DH's favorite beer is Anchor Steam out of San Francisco. About two years ago the distributors in Missoula were no longer able to get it. Trust me, I asked every place in town that sells beer!

While giving BM and family time DH and I just drove around, doing our best to kill time. We didn't really want to do anything but we didn't want to do nothing either. Since Billings is a bigger village they definitely have more shopping opportunities. I suggested we stop at World Market to see what their beer selection looked like. Let's just say after we left they couldn't sell Anchor Steam either.

Still feeling like we wanted to do nothing...dinner consisted of scrambled eggs in a hotel room. It is very strange scrambling eggs in a hotel room!

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TaraD said...

I love the pics of you & Mike holding him for the first time. Proud parents indeed! Life will never be the same again. :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!