Monday, October 26, 2009

Our trip to Noah

I think it will be easier to post about our journey to Noah in sections...Leg One

Tuesday October 20, 2009, headed east to Billings, MT. It will be difficult to describe how either of us were feeling on our travel day or any other day of this journey. It was almost like we were feeling so much we couldn't feel anything. Fortunately grey weather calms the nerves.

In our typical "road trip" fashion we were right on schedule leaving the house. Our first stop was to drop off our fur-babies just outside of town. Then off to Billings.

Classic road trip snacks...CHEESE

Hummus and Lays Stax
Favorite landmark - Our Lady of the Rockies

We arrived in Billings just around 5PM - right on schedule. We stayed at an Extended StayAmerica in hopes we would cook more meals than eat out.
Our room was utilitarian - no frills. Shortly after unloading our vehicle the fire alarms started sounding, we headed to the front desk to get details. As it turned out they were just testing the system. After sitting in our room and listening to all the fire alarms going off for at least 20 minutes we decided we needed out!! Next stop Wal-Mart! We purchased what we needed for our room and enough breakfast food for several days.
On our way out we got a call from BM - the plan was to have dinner before she was checked into the hospital. We met at Red Robin and had a very delightful dinner with BM and her parents. Thanks for dinner Birth Family!
After dinner we headed to the hospital to visit and get BM checked in. We had a lovely visit with the birth family and our SW. We got to meet BM's sister - she's a hoot!
We parted ways, all anticipating the morning to come. DH and I love the birth family and sincerely enjoyed getting to know them better before the arrival of Noah. We left feeling happy yet terrified and nervous.


Julie said...

Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

It's like a good book you can't put down....staying tuned.

McAtee's said...

love it........absolutely love his name, totally fits i think.