Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Family

The day of Noah's release we were instructed to check-out of our hotel and arrive at the hospital with our car seat. Naturally, we were still not sure what to feel.

New daddy un-sure about the car seat functions
Hospital check-out was actually much quicker than I anticipated. Because of our discussions Friday we were all able to somewhat enjoy our last moments in the hospital together. We even learned I work with one of Noah's Birth 3rd cousins. The nurses went over some care for BM and for Noah. Noah was checked out of the nursery and we were all escorted out of the hospital together by a nurse.

The departure parade

DH and I were able to steal a few moments to spend with Noah, feed and change him.

We headed to the BM's house to spend some time together, share lunch and even meet some very, very GREAT family members.

Noah's Great Great Birth Uncle Dean who is 77
Noah's Great Great Birth Grandmother Mary who is 90

Departing photos - With BM

Noah's with Birth Mother

Noah's birth family has the best dogs!!! They have four total. Two St. Bernard's!

This is Blaire - she's only 10 months! Her sister is Finley (don't have a picture)

With social worker Linda

Blaire watching through the window

Late afternoon we headed home.

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Stephanie said...

What a beautiful extended family you now belong to! As if they hadn't already won all of our hearts you show us those dogs! My St. Bernarnd wants to be their buddy now. ;)