Friday, October 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the 17th

Doesn't appear the little guy is as punctual as we hoped. We'll just have to love him anyway :)

Popped into Costco for a few things yesterday...some how my bill was double the usual amount and a quarter of that was diapers and wipes! Time's are a-changin'! We're so excited - never thought accouterments to feces could be so exciting. I'm obsessed with smelling all things baby...DH thinks I'm insane not only because of the sniffing but also I get excited for more wipe containers!!!

How many times did I just write exited or a version of? Can you tell how excited we are?


McAtee's said...

woo hoo, its getting sooo close, you never know you could get the call that her water broke tonight.........oops sorry, didn't mean to get you too excited.....eek Baby Crotzer

Julie said...

He will be here soon! We are so excited for you guys. Tuesday is the BIG day, but lets hope for a weekend delivery!