Sunday, June 13, 2010

The week in pics

New turf - new team
We watched the Red Legs (dh's team) and Giants (everyone else's team) battle it out.

Just a funny face. He's totally a Giants fan and future MVP!

We took Noah to a kite festival.

I thought the colors and movements and sounds would be fun for him.

It really just made me want to fly a kite which I tried once we got home.

The 'rents house is surrounded by to many trees, not enough consistent wind.

It was fun anyway.

Just a beautiful day for a festival

Relaxing and watching

The boy would not keep his hat on so he got soaked in sunscreen!

The sunscreen style.


Anonymous said...

This GG has been missing all the pictures and dialog. Glad you are into some kind of a routine so I get to see Noah on a regular basis. Thanks for all the great pictures and updates.

AnnaA said...

Love the pictures. Can't figure out who the Red Legs are though. Can't wait for more pictures & little mister updates.

Anonymous said...

wow, he has chompers!!!
did you get my card?